Peter Dekker Installaties

Family business

Since 1984, we have been diligently building our family business and greenhouse horticulture worldwide. Our down-to-earth approach has helped us gain expertise in screen system technology. We have taken risks, invested and developed our own products. The reputation we have built is based on sustainable innovation, know-how and professional service that is recognised internationally.


Craftsmanship since 1984

Quality is our family heritage and has always been our number one priority. The high standard we set for our product has passed from father to son and is reflected throughout our company. Craftsmanship is paramount. And that is exactly why PDI has been around for so long. This experience helps us offer customisation, ease of use, service and innovations.

Ready for the future

In February 2022, PDI was acquired by the KUBO Group. A logical step because the market in which we operate is changing. For a number of years, there has been a trend of companies consolidating, and we see that this is irreversible. KUBO and PDI have been working together for a long time, so there is already a foundation of trust. In addition, we know that we both aim for the best quality and reliability. That makes for a great match. We have been working together for years on projects both domestically and abroad, and KUBO also orders all its screen systems from Peter Dekker Installaties.