Luxury screen systems for wide-span greenhouses

Roofroll screens

Roofroll screens are screen systems for wide-span greenhouses. They ensure climate control and energy savings. The roof roller screens are mounted against the underside of the roof and, depending on the length of the greenhouse, are driven by a tubular motor or the PDI Roll Motor. The great advantage of a roof roller screen is the huge space under the screen cloth to create a perfect climate.


Roofroll screens offer the following advantages:

  • Can be controlled per roof side
  • Minimum light interception
  • Uniform shading
  • Lengths up to 200 metres possible

The choice of cloth ultimately determines the desired climate in the greenhouse. Our advisers will be happy to explore the various options with you.

Roofroll screens are driven by a tubular motor or a PDI Roll Motor that can handle lengths of up to 200 metres.





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