A familiar concept

Continuous investment and innovation

At PDI, we believe in making reliable screen systems. We have been doing this since 1984, within Europe but also across the rest of the world. We continue to build on our heritage by providing solid and proven products and consistent quality service. This is our promise. A durable range of innovative screen systems. Tailor-made, easy to use and designed to outperform. Sustainably Dutch and innovative in nature.

"PDI's success is a story about working together, taking risks, continuing to innovate, daring to invest and putting quality first."

Peter Dekker senior Founder of PDI

Innovative in nature

Innovation is inseparable from PDI. It is part of our DNA, it is who we are. Because of our customised solutions, we are naturally always considering how things can be done better. We do this pragmatically and intuitively. It is thanks to these qualities, combined with our experience and expertise, that we are able to realise important innovations in the world of screen systems.


Every day, we strive to deliver quality in screen systems. Sustainable, well-thought-out products that are often developed in-house. Because this is the only way we can guarantee the quality of our product. Sealed truly is sealed, without gaps. And open should be as small as possible. This is only possible with the right materials. For our customers, these seemingly small differences make a big difference to their quality and yield.