Vertical screen systems

Roll screens

Roll screens are ideal for darkening part of the greenhouse. Let light in or keep it out or save energy? Choosing the right screen is key for the customer's wishes. We are happy to help you achieve the right result.


Depending on the crop and customer requirements, we offer the facade screens in several versions:

  • Facade screens are mounted on the outsides (facades) of the greenhouse. The screens roll between the purlins of the greenhouse facades.
  • Twin roller screens (or twin walls) are mounted to create separations. For example, between various crops or to separate light/heat per department.

Both roller screens are driven by a tubular motor or a PDI Roll Motor that can handle lengths of up to 200 metres.


Quality in service

At PDI, we do a lot of things in-house. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our product. Providing good service is a matter of course for us and unburdening our customers is what we are all about.