PDI marks its 40th anniversary: a milestone in the world of screens

On 1 March 1984 Peter Dekker Senior took the plunge and founded PDI, a business that specialises in supplying and installing screen systems for greenhouses. Starting on just a small scale in a garage on Lierweg in the Lier in the Westland region, the company has evolved into a respected name in the world of screen systems.

Since its foundation, a strong focus on the three guiding principles of quality, outstanding service and caring for its customers' needs has characterised PDI. These principles still represent the company's core values today.

PDI’s main focus was initially the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, where good contacts and a network of agents were used to serve these markets. The steady growth of the company prompted a relocation to Naaldwijk in 1994, where PDI acquired premises on Nijverheidstraat.

As the business expanded, so did the fleet and facilities, growing from two to six vans, from ladders to construction vehicles, and from one to several business units on Nijverheidstraat.

2001 signalled a new milestone when the company moved to Industriestraat 40 as well as using the business units on Nijverheidstraat.

At the same time, PDI developed its screen systems and launched innovative products, including its own line of screen profiles, the PDI Spring Block and the revolutionary Slip-in System, which has been installed in more than 1,500 hectares of greenhouses worldwide.

2009 was an important year when Peter Dekker Sr transferred the management of the company to his son, Peter Dekker Jr. Building on the solid foundations of the past, the new generation has continued to expand the success story of PDI, taking on larger projects and extending its operations worldwide.

A continual ambition to grow and improve has resulted in extensive investments in the business, mainly in developing and buying equipment to install the screen systems. This enables PDI to deliver the capability and quality of craftsmanship that is vital for today's increasingly complex projects.

PDI reached a new milestone when it joined the KUBO group in April 2022. This strategic partnership paves the way to further innovation and growth. The combined strength of expertise and resources will position PDI so it can better meet the ever-changing needs of its customers and consolidate its reputation as a leading player in the world of screens. Together we are keenly anticipating a promising future full of new challenges and successes.

With a dedicated team, consisting of the current directors, the management team and all its employees, PDI continues to represent the values of quality, outstanding service and caring for its customers' needs. The company's 40th anniversary not only reflects on an impressive history, but also looks ahead to a promising future for PDI in supplying screen systems.