Mood makers for an optimal shopping climate

Garden centre screens

In a garden centre, atmosphere and comfort are important factors. A nice shopping climate contributes to a better customer experience. Using the right screen systems and cloths, any atmosphere can be created. The fabrics can be ordered in various colours, fully customised if desired and matching the identity of the garden centre.


Depending on customer requirements, we assemble screen systems in garden centres in several designs.

  • Roof roller screen for sun protection
  • Fixed decoration screen
  • Christmas screen for shading
  • Exterior screen for a perfect shopping climate
  • Netting against birds flying in and dust

The choice of cloth ultimately determines the desired climate in the greenhouse. Our advisers will be happy to explore the various options with you.

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Climate control or Christmas atmosphere

To create the optimum climate for visitors, we recommend exterior screens. These are mounted on the outsides of the greenhouse, keeping out direct sunlight. As a result, the climate is a lot cooler in summer, making for a nicer shopping environment.

Want to darken your greenhouse during the Christmas period? It is possible to darken part of the greenhouse to create that winter atmosphere. At the touch of a button, you transform the space into a true winter wonderland.

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